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Hello, I’m Lauren, your Pediatric Sleep Coach!

As a former insomniac and recovering work-a-holic,  I know first hand how sleep deprivation feels. It has the capacity to affect every moment of every day. It makes you feel like you’re living a half life without the ability to be fully present.

This is why I became a Pediatric Sleep Coach and a Postpartum Doula… to help parents like you, recover from the lack of sleep and begin living a more fulfilling and happy life.

I am on a mission to end your depletion as a new parent and to give you practical, actionable tools to get better sleep for life. I truly love the intimate nature of working one-on-one with families, in their homes. In doing so, I’m able to observe, get to know you and your baby, and put together an effective plan to get you all sleeping better, faster than you can imagine.

I live in Royal Oak with my husband and our two cats. When not working, I love international travel, going to yoga, getting outdoors, reading a good book, or drinking a delicious cup of coffee.


B.A. in Psychology and Child Development, Biola University
Certified Pediatric Sleep Coach, Mommywise
Certified Postpartum Doula, Pro Doula
Certified Childbirth Educator, Pro Doula

Continuing Education Workshops/Seminars:

Safe Sleeping Practices and Reducing the Risk of SIDS in Child Care
Sleep Deprivation: Habits, Solutions, and Strategies
Neurobiology of Sleep
Navigating New Motherhood: Improving Postpartum Health & Wellness
Bengkung Belly Binding for Postpartum Recovery
Age-Appropriate Nutrition, Feeding, and Support for Breastfeeding
Stress and Trauma: Helping Young Children Cope
Routines and Environments that Support Social Emotional Development in Infants and Toddlers
Responding to Challenging Infant Toddler Behavior