Newborn Sleep Cues: How to Know When Your Baby is Tired

Let's talk about baby sleep cues! As sleep coaches, this is one of the most asked questions for the newborn stage. It’s important to set the foundations of healthy sleep habits in the early months of your baby’s life before they are developmentally ready to sleep train.

Your newborn is so aware and communicates their needs to you throughout the day. Here are some signs that your little one is ready for a nap or bedtime:

“I’m sleepy!”

  • Less activity + zoning out

  • Not engaging your interactions

  • Turning head away or shaking head back & forth

  • Showing signs of restlessness

  • Spaces around eyes get red or splotchy

“I should be in bed”

  • Rubbing eyes

  • Yawning

  • Constant Fussiness

  • Jerky movements

  • Tugging at ears

“Help! I’m really overtired”

  • Crying

  • Arching Back

  • Difficult to Console

One way to help your baby fall asleep peacefully is to get their environment ready (cool, dark & quiet) and in their bed during the first set of sleep cues. Once you hit the middle and last sleep clues, it will be much more difficult for baby to calm down and fall asleep on their own. Learning your baby’s sleep cues and attuning to them takes time! Be gentle with yourself as you navigate this new relationship and getting to know your newborn. Your days will go much smoother when you start to learn your baby's unique way of sharing their needs with you and learning to respond confidently to them.

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