Newborn Sleep Cues: How to Know When Your Baby is Tired

Let's talk about baby sleep cues! As sleep coaches, this is one of the most asked questions for the newborn stage. It’s important to set the foundations of healthy sleep habits in the early months of your baby’s life before they are developmentally ready to sleep train.

Your newborn is so aware and communicates their needs to you throughout the day. Here are some signs that your little one is ready for a nap or bedtime:

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6 Reasons to Hire a Sleep Coach

Hiring someone to help your baby learn how to sleep is a reality of modern parenting and yet it continues to be a source of resistance for many parents. I know it can be tough to ask for help. Some parents have expressed feeling guilt over hiring someone to sleep train, others are worried they’ll be shamed for doing so and there are those out there that aren’t even aware that there are people they can pay to come help them! Wherever you’re at in this journey, I want you to know that it’s ok to ask for help. If sleep is a source of struggle in your house, I want to help you make restful sleep a priority, so today I’m sharing more about the benefits of hiring a sleep coach.

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What you need to know about sleep training your baby

As a new parent you will receive so much advice once your baby arrives. And while that advice is coming from a good place, advice from your well-meaning friends can create confusion or doubt. Your own parents may insist that THIS is the only way to do it creating pressure and even guilt. The reality is, every baby and every family is completely unique and there is no one-size-fits-all answer to parenting. If there was, we’d have one (and only one) parenting book that everyone would read and follow.

One of the most talked about topics for you as a new parent happens to be a topic that we specialize in: baby sleep. People are so dang curious about your baby’s sleep.

“Is your baby getting enough sleep?”

“Is your baby sleeping through the night yet?”

“How many naps does your baby take?”

“Is your baby a good sleeper?”

And of course, “Do you plan to sleep train?”

That last one is a doozy too because there are so many misconceptions about sleep training. What one parent considers “sleep training” may be completely different than what another person considers “sleep training” so we’re going to take some time to clear up those misconceptions.

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