How to survive sleep deprivation with a newborn

The concept of exhaustion takes on a new meaning when you have a baby. New parents are often surprised at how tired they feel or comment that they were totally unprepared for how it would affect their mood and their overall lives. We’ve experienced first hand how difficult it can be to take care of yourself when your baby is waking to eat every 2-3 hours around the clock, but hopefully these tips will help you get some more shut yet until your baby’s development allows for longer stretches of sleep.

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6 Signs You Need More Sleep

Is your baby up all night? Or waking constantly? Is “napping” basically a cuddle session that ends the moment you put your baby down in the crib? Are you beginning to think that sleeping through the night is a myth? If so, you might be a sleep deprived parent!

Frankly, sleep deprivation sucks and it's something that we at Detroit Dreams Tonight are on a mission to end.

Here are six signs you need more sleep and should seriously consider hiring us!

  1. You treat your sleeping baby like a bomb about to explode, being careful not to wake her when carefully putting her down in her crib.

  2. Your abs are getting rock solid from bouncing on that damn exercise ball for every nap and every night.

  3. The barista at your local coffee shop not only knows your name, but knows your exact order and the time you’ll come retrieve your caffeine fix each morning.

  4. Sprinting up the stairs to put the pacifier back in your baby’s mouth (again and again and again) is your daily cardio.

  5. You can’t remember the last time you slept even a few hours without interruption. Pre-pregnancy, maybe?!

  6. Your designer crib sits empty each night because your baby loses his mind if he sleeps more than 2 inches away from another warm body.

If you can relate, we can help. You no longer have to read ALL the sleep books or google sleep tips at 2am. Sleep deprivation doesn’t have to be a part of your parenting journey. Your baby is capable of sleeping independently each and every night. If you’re worried your baby will NEVER be a good sleeper, you can benefit from a professional sleep coach guiding you through the process. That’s where we come in! Contact Detroit Dreams Tonight today to schedule a complimentary sleep assessment and to book a live-in sleep package. Make sleepless nights a thing of the past and replace them with healthy, peaceful sleep for your whole family!

6 Reasons to Hire a Sleep Coach

Hiring someone to help your baby learn how to sleep is a reality of modern parenting and yet it continues to be a source of resistance for many parents. I know it can be tough to ask for help. Some parents have expressed feeling guilt over hiring someone to sleep train, others are worried they’ll be shamed for doing so and there are those out there that aren’t even aware that there are people they can pay to come help them! Wherever you’re at in this journey, I want you to know that it’s ok to ask for help. If sleep is a source of struggle in your house, I want to help you make restful sleep a priority, so today I’m sharing more about the benefits of hiring a sleep coach.

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